As a Contractor, the risks you face at each project may be as complex as the work you perform. You need an Agent who fully understands how to assess your risk and who has access to the markets and contacts within the industry to properly insure against those risks.  Whether you’re dealing with retainage, prompt pay, NY Labor Law or home improvement contracting, the Foster Sullivan Group is equipped with the expertise to help you navigate through the unique exposures you face.

Not only does the Foster Sullivan Group have access to all national and global markets for the insurance part of your construction company, we are able to meet your bond requirements as well. In addition, with on-staff counsel, licensed insurance advisors, coverage and claim specialists, and designated industry account managers, we have the capabilities and expertise to give advice and counsel on your overall risk management profile: when to insure; when to self-insure; when to retain risk (deductibles); when to invest in loss avoidance and loss mitigation; how to tighten up any subcontracting requirements by properly shifting risk.

We know the construction industry well. Our expert staff of professionals will work closely with you to understand your specific challenges, develop risk control programs that have an impact, and then design a ‘narrative’ for the insurance marketplace about your company that will have the insurers competing for your business. We will work with you throughout the year, year over year, to review and reduce your overall cost of risk and make sure your program is responding to your changing needs.

You have worked hard to develop your business and have much at stake in its success. Make sure you engage true professionals to properly protect your capital from risk. The Foster Sullivan Group – Protecting Your Business, Protecting Your Future.