Operating a not for profit charitable organization in the current climate presents a wide set of very unique challenges. Regardless of the nature of the services delivered, the organization is focused daily on maximizing the delivery of critical services to its beneficiaries.

Whether it is clothing, shelter, training, support, care, advocacy, education, food – or any mix of them – charitable organizations are not immune to the many challenges that face other businesses: protecting staff, protecting the public, protecting property, protecting the beneficiaries of the agency – and protecting the goodwill and brand name that the organization has worked so hard to establish. Yet, the reality is that every dollar that goes to insurance and protection, is a dollar taken away from services benefiting the core mission.

Not only does the Foster Sullivan Group have access to all national and global markets for the insurance part of your program, but with on-staff counsel, licensed insurance advisors, coverage and claim specialists and designated industry account managers, we have the capabilities and expertise to give advice and counsel on your overall risk management profile: when to insure; when to self-insure; when to retain risk; when to invest in loss avoidance and loss mitigation; how to tighten up your ‘supply chain dynamics’.

We know charities well. Our expert staff of professionals will work closely with you to understand the challenges of your specific organization, develop risk control programs that have an impact, and then design a ‘narrative’ for the insurance marketplace about your agency that will have the insurers competing for your charity. We will then work with you throughout the year, year over year, to review and reduce your overall cost of risk.

Most importantly, service to our community is deeply embedded in who we are at Foster Sullivan. Many of our staff sit on charitable boards and actively engage in community programs. We – as an agency – provide Foster Sullivan Cares Days to our staff, supporting in a tangible way their ability to go out into the community and volunteer. Insurance and risk management is what we do; but community service is who we are at Foster Sullivan.